Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks And No Treats

     Well, my fine Beersgiving friends, the time has come to put this event to sleep till hopefully next year. There was just no more room at the inn anymore, as the old saying goes. I knew trying to find a place with a month or so to go was going to be nearly impossible and it was. It breaks my beer stained heart and liver to do this, but do this I must. I will not run some half assed beer festival just to have one. It's not fair to you, the paying customer and it's certainly not fair to all the great vendors who wanted to attend. I will now shift into future mood to see if these places that are currently booked now are really interested in doing this in 2012,  and they don't end up changing their mind like some other place that we all loath. But that part of the deed is lawyer land and the least said about that the better till it's all worked out. What more can I say except I'm sorry. Is it better to try and fail then to never try at all? That's is the question and I sure don't have a good answer.

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